Tandoori Skewers for Home Tandoor

Tandoori Skewers for Home Tandoor

Lump of Clay

Lump of Tandoor Clay

Tandoori Flat Skewers for Kebabs

Flat Skewers for Afgani, Iraqi , Irani & Turkish Kebabs with wooden handle Made from heavy duty 3mm thick stainless steel with superior teak wood handles Total Length with wooden handle: 28" (approx) Length of steel: 23" (approx) Length of wooden handle: 5" (approx) Width of steel blade: 1" Thickness of Steel blade: 3mm or 1/8" Weight: 1lb (approx) for each
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Set of 4 stainless steel square rod skewers with wooden handles

Select Thickness - 4mm / 6mm / 8mm square rod

  • 4mm are ideal for paneer, veggies, prawns, fish etc 
  • 6mm are perfect for all kinds of meat like Tandoori Chicken, tikka, lamb chops etc
  • 8mm are ideal for all kinds of Kebabs


Approx Length: 

28 inches, Stainless steel square rod - 23", Wooden handle - 5" for SS1 & SS2 

34 inches Stainless steel square rod - 29", Wooden handle - 5" for SS3 

Nan Rods 

Pair of Nan rods is 24" long and is ideal for home tandoors,

it includes 1 x Hook & 1 x scrapper


Please note that the lengh of the skewers & nan rods may vary by approx 1" 


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