SS1 Deluxe - (Medium Home Tandoori Clay Oven)

SS1 Deluxe - (Medium Home Tandoori Clay Oven)

SQ1 - Square XL Home Tandoor

The Tandoor designed for BBQ islands 

Size : 21x21x33", weight 240 lbs

Free accessories included- 

1 x SS lid with handle,

5 x 6mm square rod skewers for meat, 

5 x 4mm round rod skewers for prawn/fish/veggies, 

2 x SS naan bread rods (Hook & scrapper), 

1 x naan cushion/Gaddi, 

1 x 100% weatherproof cover

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SQ1 - Square XL Home tandoor

Portable extra-large Square charcoal fired tandoori clay oven

Perfect for BBQ Islands, can cater to approx. 40-45 people

Authentic Indian Clay Oven Tandoor. Made in India

Puri Tandoors brings you centuries old cooking technique in an urban avatar for your home/garden. It has a hand-crafted clay pot made by skilled Indian artisans which is housed in an elegant stainless-steel casing with heavy insulation to retain the heat.

The Tandoor model SQ1 comes with the following free accessories 

1 x SS lid with handle

5 x SS skewers with Stoppers (6mm square rod skewers for all kinds of meat)

5 x SS skewers with Stoppers (4mm round rod skewers for all Veggies, Prawn, Fish & Paneer)

2 x SS naan bread rods (Hook & scrapper)

1 x naan bread cushion/Gaddi

1 x 100% weatherproof cover 



Width      : 21"

Length   : 21"

Height    :  33"

Mouth     : 12"

Belly       : 16"

Weight   : 240 lbs


For more details, please check the dimensions picture below

Packed in a wooden box

Packed weight & dimensions: 300lbs, 23" x 28" x 42" 



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