Most marinades used in Indian barbecue are yogurt or lime based. Many of the recipes require overnight marination for the right amount of tenderization and flavor to come through. And then, all that is needed is to cook in your own garden Tandoor. It is one of the best ways to turn your simple backyard entertaining into an exotic affair

Tandoori cooking does not use much oil or ghee and therefore can be used when pursuing a low calorie diet

Tips for perfect Tandoori cooking

If using Grill in the Tandoor, you must make sure to cut the food pieces (meat or Vegetables) according to the gap in between the steel rods of grill. Thinly cut pieces will further shrink and can fall in to the burning charcoal. The size of chicken / mutton tikkas should not be cut too small. Once cooked, tikka pieces will shrink and can turn hard if the pieces are cut too small. Make sure to keep at least 1 inch gap between the food pieces when skewering. This will give each piece its own space and heat all around to cook properly.

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