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Recipe Book by Ranjit Rai

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A complete guide to Tandoori cooking - 'TANDOOR - The Great Indian Barbeque' by Late Ranjit Rai

Tandoor - The Great Indian Barbeque (ISBN-13: 978-1585671441), by the late Ranjit Rai, is without doubt one of the most comprehensive tandoori cuisine cook books available. .This book gives you an extensive range of authentic tandoori cuisine recipes and tells you about the tips and tricks on how to cook restaurant quality food in your own garden tandoor.  

There is whole bunch tandoori cook books available in the market that adapt recipes to be applied using a conventional oven or barbeque but  the recipes in this book are presented for people who have a tandoor!  In this book Ranjit covers history of tandoori cuisine, how tandoors are made and how to use a tandoor and more importantly he comprehensively reviews the essential spices, herbs and meat tenderisers that give rise to the excellent flavour and texture of tandoori cuisine.  

This hard cover book of 262 pages is a must for tandoor enthusiasts!   
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