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Doner Kebab Kit

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Doner Kebab Kit
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Doner kebab kit for PURI Tandoori Clay Oven, now make shwarmas at home with your Tandoor

Presenting yet another tandoori accessory - PURI's 'Doner kebab kit'. The picture above shows the kit in action and how we managed to cook just over 3.5 kg of marinated lamb, Doner kebab style. The lamb cooked quicker than using a traditional spit roast set up, and carving off the outer "crispy tasty bits" was very easy. After a carve, the lamb went back into the tandoor to develop more outer "crispy tasty bits", and with the high heat of the tandoor it only took about 5 minutes until we were ready to carve again! You can easily make enough Shwarmas/souvlakis to feed 20 adults using the 3.5 kg of lamb!! The new kit made the job so easy and the lamb had that quality kebab shop flavour. Let us know what you think of the new kit.


SS1 / MS1 Doner Kebab Kit - Can also be used with any other tandoor with mouth opening of 8 inches to 10.5 inches 

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