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Copper Handi n Serving Spoons ( Set of 3)

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CopperHandi & Serving Spoon ( Set of 3)

Create a lasting impression - Impress your friends by serving them in high quality Copper & Steel serving dishes. 

Copper Handi: Our Copper & Steel hammered finish authentic Indian Handi is must for any occasion. You get 3 x Copper Handi & 3 x serving spoons. 

Double wall Handi, hammered copper on the outside & stainless steel on the inside 

Handi mouth opening: 6" , height: 3"

Capacity - 20oz

Add set of 3 x Copper sigris to keep your food warm for an extra $25

Copper sigri candle lit stand: Serve your authentic tandoori cooked food in our copper karahi's or handi's and now with this stand, your food will remain hot. Just light a tea candle in the stand and keep your food warm for long. You get 3 x Copper sigris

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