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Baffle Plate

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Tandoor Baffle Plate/ Tandoor Burner Plate/ Tandoor Tawa for Gas Tandoors

Size : 13inches / 33 cm for Puri Medium Restaurant Tandoor 28"x30"

Size : 15inches / 38 cm for Puri Large Restaurant Tandoor of 32"x32"

Size : 17inches / 43 cm for Puri Extra Large Restaurant Tandoor 34"x34"

This Tandoori baffle plate is 6 mm thick, more thickness means more durability. Please note that this Baffle plate is without legs and made in 1 piece and is suitable for Puri Tandoors and other tandoor makes which use similar type of baffle plates. Mouth opening of the tandoor should be atleast 1/2" more than the baffle plate for it to go through easily. 



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