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PURI Tandoors, the brand you can trust. We have been in manufacturing and retail industry from the last decade and know exactly what our customers want. With years of experience in Tandoor making, we have designed a perfect BBQ Tandoori oven for domestic use. Clay pot with heavy insulation ensures heat retention whereas angled curve at the middle of the belly draws back rising heat back inside the oven. What you get is perfect cooked crispy meat from outside and moist succulent from inside. Buy the best and enjoy BBQ'ing in our tandoori ovens.

If you are a true lover of traditional food and searching for clay oven tandoor for sale in USA, then trust PURI Tandoors. PURI's, in the US, present the traditional and finest quality Tandoori Clay oven which are handcrafted by skilled artisans. This portable clay oven tandoori oven is encased with high-grade stainless steel which is not only robust but also protects the clay pot from extreme weather conditions.

The inside clay pot is made with only natural material that is free from any contaminants and proper hygienic care is taken making sure it reaches you in perfect shape. Only those natural materials are used which do not harm the environment and are ethically friendly to the nature. The inside layer of the clay is thick and hardened that gives the strength making sure the clay pot is robust to withstand extreme weather conditions.

 A Modern Look with Customary Taste to the Food

Cooking in clay ovens is century’s old technique where food was cooked for the whole household. Since the heat inside the oven is even, the food is cooked evenly without you having to turn the food over as you do in a conventional BBQ. Use our tandoori oven to cook smoked sausages or vegetables, meats, poultry items, fine bread, etc.

 Why Us

PURI Tandoors bring century’s old technique with modern avatar in a shiny stainless-steel casing keeping the soul and flavours of the olden times. With 4 castors, our tandoori ovens are easy to carry & perfect for family gatherings. Come rain or shine, just heat up the tandoori oven and enjoy the chargrilled flavor which is not possible in any other BBQ. Beware of inferior imitations that are made with lesser grade material. Buy from us and enjoy what we call is ecstasy of INDAN BBQ

Buy home tandoor with confidence and enjoy what we call is ‘Ecstasy of Indian BBQ'. Contact us on: (716) 370-5100
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